I have a few thoughts before I lay my head down this evening.

You ever read a book, or in other cases listen to a book, and by the end of the book you come to the conclusion and just say to yourself “really? That’s how the book ends?” I generally read nonfiction books so I usually know how the endings are going to happen. If it’s something dramatic that happened it’s probably the reason I picked up the book in the first place. Maybe a legendary bank robber finally died or got caught. If it’s about a famous athlete or musician maybe they just retired. Sometimes you just accept that it’s life and there really isn’t a conclusion because the person is still living. In a nonfiction book that is perfectly fine. In very limited fictional books I have read it’s even acceptable.

I mention this because a few years back I heard about this author, Chuck Klosterman. He seemed to have pretty random opinion pieces to say. I thought maybe it was more of a pop culture version of the Freakonomics books that I loved. I just finished Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs and I wasn’t really impressed. In some senses it was what I expected. He rambles on about unusual subjects and some of it does make a lot of sense. Some of it is super random, and a lot of it is something you’d listen to because you’re stuck in a room with someone and you’re not sober enough to leave or drive yourself home.

I got to the end of the book and had that moment of really? What did I just listen to. I listened to it as an audio book instead of buying the book. If I did read the book I don’t think I ever would have finished it. It’s only five discs long but only two discs were really of any interest to me. I usually had to quit listening after one disc and go do something else. But while I’m disappointed in the book it also flips a different switch in my mind. If a book like this, where he essentially rambles on for a long time with no purpose or point throughout, gets published then there is hopes that one of my novels or novellas can get published. I won’t be naive, it’s incredibly hard to get anything published. It’s hard to even get a company to read anything you write either. But hot damn I’ve written blogs that are similar in context to his entire book. I had no idea that was worthy of getting published by Simon and Schuster. This book actually got onto the New York Times best sellers list. But I still have my reservations about getting onto the best sellers list. I’ll leave that rant for another day.

I have two different things that I learned about my day today. The first is that wow I don’t really enjoy day’s off anymore. There’s not really much that is stimulating my mind right now. When I was younger I was always so busy that days off meant I could go places, see friends, or simply catch up on my shows and sleep. A lot of the time I needed a day off to unwind and be away from people. Not so much anymore. I usually sleep like crap these years anyway. I stopped going out to places because I don’t have the money for it anymore or I just don’t have anyone to go out and explore places with either. I tend to just stick to the catching up on shows.

I’ve noticed lately that I have the worst goals that I set for myself on my days off. I typically have Sundays and Tuesdays off. My general plans are always to do the dishes, take out the trash, do laundry, and then watch football if it’s Sunday and watch Flash if it’s Tuesday. I tend to do all of those but they all take only a few hours. I end up just being a bum for the rest of the day. I picked up playing Pokemon Go about two months ago. That has given me a reason to go out and explore certain areas hoping that I might stumble across some cool creature. It has also got me to go out and walk around my area and different parks. It’s interesting because the time that I finally decided to give it a chance and try it out is also the same time that people have lost interest in it and don’t play anymore. Which afford me certain advantages. But I digress on that. I have no excuses for not having time to do things. Now it appears like I need things to do now. I really should be writing more but haven’t felt that spark or dedication to focus in on something. I’m having the Hank Moody syndrome.

I had a major headache today, but I just had to get out of the house. I had a few things I wanted to pick up at the grocery store so I went on a drive. It was almost a terrible idea. I felt nauseous behind the wheel. After I picked up my groceries I decided that maybe I should finally drive through some of the apartment complexes that I drive by on a regular basis. I tend to see them on my way to work so I’ve never been able to stop and check them out. I did that a little bit today. The majority of them appeared to be pretty nice and well run from the outside of things. I have a good skill of perception and noticing little things. I just couldn’t help but thinking about the different types of people who lived in all of these different complexes. I live in the south and not always in the nicest areas. But even going into the grocery stores in my area it always feels like it’s 95% black. I’m not racist at all but I’m used to seeing a variety of people. I’m sure that the majority of the people I stumble across are nice and pleasant but it’s always funny how different types of cultures always think they need to reinforce stereotypes. I can’t remember the last time I even saw a Mexican in my area. I think I saw my first Asian in Kroger today. When I go to the grocery store I’m likely to be the only white person. I’m not saying it makes me feel uncomfortable but it’s weird. I like diversity.

I was driving through these areas and trying to take a picture of what stores and places were around these areas. One of the apartment complexes is across the street from a Marshall’s factory. I can only imagine a ton of workers live across the street. Another apartment complex is walking distance from a huge hospital and nothing else. It was expensive also. I could only assume doctors and nurses probably lived there for convenience. It was kind of depressing because the few places that I checked the rent figures are all places that had random people hanging around that looked like they were doing nothing with their lives. I have heard all different kind of stories that the town I was looking in is full of drug addicts. It’s just kind of depressing that drug addicts or possibly the uneducated idiots working minimum wage jobs are somehow making the same kind of money that I am. I am in a lower management role with a college education and yet I can’t afford to live in a nice area. It wasn’t entirely negative. I think I could afford to live in some of the lower ended nice apartments. It’s just a matter of if anything will be available or if they have an income restriction that I can’t match. That was the major problem when I moved down here. Nothing was available, in my price range, or nothing was likely to be open until several months later.