Wow. I can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve last written. Looks like we have a lot to catch up on. Usually when I go a long time without writing it’s because I’ve gotten into a really good book or started something new up. I don’t think I’ve read from my current book in a few weeks either. I’m all out of wack. How the fuck are the Cubs the best team in baseball?

As much as I am good with handling things as they pop up, and making the best of a situation, I do actually like a set schedule or a decent routine. I have Tuesdays and Sundays off for now. I wanted Sundays off to watch football and I wanted Tuesdays off to watch the Flash. I can’t really say they are major reasons but they give me something to look forward to on days when I just have to do laundry and clean the dishes. Having Sundays off also leaves me open to doing things on a Saturday night. I like routines because it gives me some control of my life. That control is something I have been lacking. I think in a way me not writing was a way of taking back some control. I never had to write. I never had to share anything with the shadow followers I have grown used to. I started a new story and kept that story to my private document files. In a weird way I could only take control back by pushing myself away from others.

I had some issues with my roommates. It’s just typical stuff that happens when you live together. The only difference is that we did not choose to find a place and then live together. We were not friends first. So when we get mad we didn’t talk about it or let it air out. We just got mad, let the tension build up, and then finally snapped. I mean why the hell do you think it’s okay to use someone’s detergent? That shit is expensive. I think everything is okay for now. The biggest issue I have again is control. I can’t stand my landlord because she’s a control freak. I can’t control if I want the air conditioning on or off. I can’t control when the heat gets turned on even though its 70 degrees outside. My internet was so slow I couldn’t watch shows on in my room. I tried to download and got flagged for it. The landlord took away the internet from us all. It was a real fun week that week. Especially in the world that revolves around instant gratification and a good internet connection. Hell I could have just blamed no internet for my lack of writing. I actually kind of liked being off grid for that brief period of time.

Now as the holidays approach I’m hoping that things start to turn around. I’ve been getting along with my one roommate because we bond over Pokemon Go. The other one had a life threatening event because of his job and he seems to be overly happy right now. My landlord is still a controlling narcissist. Somehow we’ve had 12 fishing poles out in the yard and only my 3 happen to go missing. That just makes no sense to me. I’ve just hit my last forgiving cell on this place. Living on the lake can only do so much for me. I can’t even go out and sit on the porch and have a phone call without feeling like my landlord is looking over my shoulder and listening to my conversations. As my one roommate says all she cares about is counting the money. All three of us one time or another have thought about leaving. Yet she wants to invite me to Thanksgiving? No thanks.

The last few days I really started making a budget of my expenses. I’ve gotten tired of being broke. I used to be able to save a little bit of cash while living on my own in Missouri. Now all the sudden I’m having to borrow money to make rent and payments. Now that I have to pay for my own internet and I still have my storage expenses I’m over $800 a month. I have to pay a lot for gas because I have basically an hour of driving every day there and back. By 2017 I need to move closer to work. I will have to start paying for utilities but I’m hoping I can get a roommate for a new place. Fingers crossed folks. I have a buddy at work that I’ve mentioned about getting a place before. I hope he’s still interested. He’s closer to my age and I think that it could be good for the both of us. Even if it doesn’t work out I think I need to start looking into closer places for me to live. I mean if I’m already paying $800 a month I mine as well save on gas expenses and freedom of the daily commute.