I’m a strong believer that our brains are like sponges. Or at least mine is that way. I feel like I always have so many things on my mind and a lot of the times I want to write about something but I can’t. I can’t because as soon as I start to write about that one thing something else pops up and ruins my flow or thought process. Therefore a lot of the times I just have to write one big junk letter/rant about all the crappy stuff so I can get it out of my head and off my mind. In a sense I’m squeezing the sponge to get all the dirty soap and gunk out. For the majority of people this will probably come off entirely random. Some of you might enjoy seeing the behind the scene of how my brain works and how it jumps around. HERE GOES!!!

Does anyone else get super annoyed at home much the Kardashians rule over media? I have Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter like most people. I don’t follow any pop culture stuff and yet somehow I see something Kardashian every day. I just hopped on Facebook and saw something about Kim flashing her boobs by wearing a see through shirt. I wouldn’t even know who the youngest Kardashian is if not for my Snapchat always mentioning her in the news feed thingy. Has any of these actually contributed anything to society? There is no point in them having such popularity. Yes I’ve wanted to see Kim naked. If she showed up in my bedroom I’d want to have sex with her. But after that I’d probably kick her out if she didn’t want to go again because I’m just that annoyed at how much I see her on my social media when pretty much all my social media is dominated by sports.

Speaking of sports, I don’t know how many people have asked me lately to join this “free new app that is going to reinvent how you watch the game.” I get it. I’m a sports junkie. I’m totally the right person to be asking to join into your sports app. But when your introduction to some product takes more than six minutes to explain I’m not buying it. You’re blowing smoke up my ass. I have never been able to finish any of the several videos I’ve been sent. No I don’t want to buy into it. Are you sure you don’t want to sign up to play for free? NO! I DON’T.

As a matter of fact I like the old way of watching a game. I like the time period when people didn’t need to be on their phones to look up tidbit information or stats to argue over something. They weren’t checking their fantasy scores of their email because of a short twenty-second timeout. Honestly there’s very few things that I enjoy more than watching a sports game that means something. When you can’t predict what is going to happen next because the teams are even in talents. I like to watch two teams fighting for a win. I like knowing something about the teams and players going into it. I like to hear some of the recent stories and input from the announcers while I’m watching. I like to watch the game to get myself outside of my life and into theirs. It’s one of the few things left out there where I can put my phone in my pocket or in another room and completely forget about it and where I am. I just get engulfed by watching the game.

You readers can feel free to give me new suggestions, but I feel like the only things that I get lost in anymore revolves around playing or watching sports, reading a book, and watching a television show. A movie doesn’t really give me enough to get lost into usually. I tend to need more details. A really well written book or television show can get me lost and thinking about it even well after it’s over. My biggest problem is that I don’t have a DVR and my internet connection isn’t strong enough to be able to stream videos online anymore. I don’t want to watch anything that bad where I go out to some store or coffee shop just to watch a few episodes.

Have you guys seen the show Mr. Robot though? That’s the show that I’ve been trying to catch up on. It’s really well written. Some times it can be so dark but honest that it just puts me in a paranoid and upset mood. Just the fact that I care that much about a show is amazing. At the same time though I know going into an episode that I have to expect a certain outcome, and know that it’s not likely going to be happiness or hope. I used to keep up with shows like Suits, The Blacklist, and Shameless. When Arrow and Flash return in October I’m going to try my hardest to keep up with them. There’s a few shows on Netflix that I enjoyed and can’t wait for them to return as well. It’s too bad my bedroom in this house is like a black hole when it comes to internet and phone. I haven’t watched my Netflix since I’ve moved in here because I can’t get connected.

I got a free book a few months ago working at a large book outlet sale. The one I picked out was about James Dean. The books binding is falling apart but all the pages are there. I’m about halfway finished with the book. I always remembered hearing about how he was so handsome but had rebel like qualities. He didn’t try to fit in and did his own thing. I admired that about him. I admired that he rode a motorcycle and basically didn’t bow down to the people in charge of Hollywood. I have seen a couple different movies about James Dean through different perspectives. This book takes a better approach towards his biography. The sad part about it is that he’s nothing like the way I thought he was. There are a few characteristics I can relate to, but the rest of who he was is just kind of annoying and pathetic.

He got credit for being such a talented actor, but the majority of the roles he played were actually just another version of himself. He really was overly emotional and unpredictable. I thought his looks might have turned him into a womanizer, but this book leads me to believe that he was more into men than women. But he seemed to secretly hate himself for it, because during that time period it wasn’t acceptable. He also had no idea how to talk to women that he usually drove them away. He liked being weird and different because he knew he was, but yet always needed attention and love from people. Then it seemed as soon as he got it from someone, their love and attention, all the sudden he didn’t want it anymore or it wasn’t enough for him.

I can respect that he took his acting like a secret calling and an art form. But a lot of the time he just kept people waiting on him because he thought the world revolved around him. He was a diva. He forgot his lines or didn’t memorize them so he made up the lines as he went and then said it made the performance seem more real because the other actors or actresses didn’t know what he was going to say. I just think he couldn’t remember them all because he was kind of spacey or distracted by something else. He just tried to use that as justification. It’s no wonder that most of his friends grew tired of him and left. Then those that actually did help him and guide him through his life and career he dismissed them as only out to help themselves. He really was quite the character himself but he reminds me of other people more than he reminds me of me. Which I was kind of hoping to find more of myself in James Dean. I always had this image of the brooding bad boy that nobody could get close to. The guy that lived on the edge and always wanted adventures. I was mistaken. But as they say the journey is more important than the destination and this book has taken me along for quite a journey.