I said I would give you a story about my roommate situation in my next blog. I couldn’t help but write about something else first. See I’m in a Mood for that blog. I moved down to Georgia to live in a house. It’s a three-story house on a lake. I’ll constantly call it the Lake House. The house is too big for the lady and her boyfriend that lives there. She is retired and works part-time for some extra cash. She used to flip houses for extra income. She is always working on a new project at the Lake House. What she did was basically turn the basement into a three bedroom apartment. There was a guy who had already been living there for at least a few months. We hit it off right away. He’s a good guy and easy to get along with. He had the biggest room. I then have the second biggest room and there was an empty third room.

I had only been in the house for two days when our landlord had informed us that a girl was coming by to look at the room. Since we live on a lake and all the expenses are included in the rent I knew it wouldn’t be too long before the room would be taken. I was surprised it was that fast though! She came by around seven at night and while I was eating dinner so I didn’t really talk to her. I let our landlord continue to give the tour. From the way that she dressed I could just tell that I wasn’t going to like her. I mean who comes to a house to meet the landlord and the two male roommates and wears tiny white shorts and a top with no back to it. I thought she must have just spent a day out on the river or something. I’m no fashion expert but it just seemed kind of slutty.

The next day our landlord informed us that she would be moving in the next day. I thought that was incredibly weird. Who has the freedom to just move in to somewhere at the drop of a dime like that? Was she squatting on someones couch? Was she homeless? It just felt off. My other roommate said when he moved in it took two weeks before he could get everything settled. I was about the same as well and I was in a rush with having to start my new job. Something just felt off. I had to work the next day so secretly I hoped that she would be all moved in before I got home. She was for the most part.

I tried to stay out of her way as she unpacked things in the kitchen although I was secretly waiting for her to leave so I could make some dinner. My roommate was chatting with her a little bit trying to get to know her. I was giving her space. I asked her common stuff like what time did she get up in the morning or when did she need to be to work so that we wouldn’t get in each others way in the morning or anything. I then ate and retreated to my room. I figured she would spend the night unpacking her room anyways. I was wrong. She took a shower, got all dressed up, and then went out. I heard her say she was from a nearby town so I just assumed she was meeting up with friends.

The next day I go to work and on my lunch break I see that there’s a text from my landlord saying that the girl is going to be moving out. I was secretly happy about it because I knew we weren’t going to get along. I haven’t spent more than $20 on my furniture and have cast away pieces from others. She has spent $2,000 on an egg chair. I assumed she would only last a month since our lease is a month to month. I wondered what happened and wanted to know more. I was at work though and couldn’t really chat about it for a long time. The short version was that she couldn’t live without her dog. She was lonely without her dog and had to live with it. Our house doesn’t allow pets because the landlord has three dogs that don’t get along with other animals very well.

After I was off work I had another text from my landlord stating that two people were interested in the now vacated room. I was like wow! That was fast. That same day we had a guy come to visit the place. He is now my current roommate. He seems like a good guy and he’s going to get along well with us. The three of us are all pretty casual and like our sports. The funny part is that I’m the youngest and I have the most stuff. And by that I mean I actually own dishes and more than two towels. I used to have two weeks worth of towels before that one-day roommate took some of mine!

I mean seriously though… who moves into a new place the next day, assumes she can sneak her dog into a house with two roommates? Then when our landlord caught her trying decides “well I can’t live here anymore” and gives notice. Then up and bounces within the next four days. Not to mention that we put down a $400 non-refundable deposit. I initially laughed and told my landlord that was the easiest money she had ever earned. The girl of course flipped out on our landlord for not giving it back. I mean you’re an adult who signed the contract. You just assumed someone would give it back? Me and the other roommate think she’s secretly an escort. Just by how she dressed, how expensive of stuff she had, and how she somehow had two jobs that were in the early morning and afternoon. I guess that’s a puzzle I’ll never be able to solve now.


As for my other cool roommates, I haven’t dived into their personal lives or personal baggage yet. From what I know it seems like both are going through/gone through divorces and are starting over. In a way all three of us are starting over. As you can tell I’m a little bit of a story-teller and it feels like each of are going to be playing supporting roles in each others lives. We haven’t really had any major problems yet while living together. I can just tell that the newest guy is going to be very social and want to go out and do stuff. The other is more laid back and want to watch TV and drink a beer or go chat outside by the lake. It’s a good thing for me to have both. I like to sit out and talk about real life stuff. But sometimes I also need that kick in the ass to go out and do stuff with people. As soon as my finances are more stable I’m going to do some exploring with them and my brother. I was told Piedmont Park is a cool place to check out.