I started writing stories and opinion pieces when I was in high school. I used whatever paper or empty computer screen I had at my disposal to discuss things that I felt strongly about but didn’t quite know how to talk about it. I also used it as a form of release to help get things that were going on in my head out and off my mind.

Over the last year I started to get more attention for my writing. I had a few people ask me to write for their sites. I had a few people ask when the next half of my short stories were coming. It wasn’t until a few days ago when I realized I had been writing for this other WordPress site for three years. I don’t write on a regular basis and I don’t go out of my way to promote it. The most I usually do is use some key words that people can search for. I have 200 followers and over 7,500 hits. But I finally came to the decision that I’m going to stop writing for that site and start writing here on Moonshot. I’m going back to being a nobody.

If you’re reading this you’ll probably be asking yourself “why would he do that?” I have never wrote to become popular or famous. I have never done it for the attention or the comments. I do it for me. I truly do. I’m the type of person who is strong and can keep his emotions hidden from people. Writing has always given me a forum to freak out and let out all the stress I have. It allowed me a safe place to vent about life and work without repercussions. It’s allowed me to let down my guard. It also gave me a way to express the type of things that I obsess about and see if others thought the same way as I did.

My other site was starting to get too much unwanted attention. I had coworkers and frienemies looking onto my site to add fuel to the fire. They were looking for ways to get to me and get me in trouble. One person went as far as telling my boss about my website. They were looking for ways to get inside my head without ever asking me about things. That’s just not how I do things. If you want to discuss something with me then talk to me. I’m a super honest guy. Don’t go behind my back or pretend you don’t know something when you do. I just find that shady. Regardless I’ve decided to continue on with my writings but from now on I’m going to write for Moonshot.

I chose the name Moonshot for a couple of reasons. There’s a quote I saw on Pinterest that really fits me…


I’ve always been that type of person. I’ve always been the person that people will come talk to in times of need and in times when they are at their lowest. I’ve always been the moon that shines a little light in their darkness. Whether it’s giving advice on life and the journey or if it’s just being there to listen. I’ve always been that type of guy. I believe that in today’s society a lot of times we try to distract ourselves from our lives because we don’t have anyone to talk to. So when that happens I’ll be your distraction. I’ll be your moon over the internet. You can just read, and hopefully be entertained, or you can shoot me questions if you want advice or a story. I love any form of enabling. This site will remain anonymous so I hope everyone can enjoy Moonshot as much as I plan to.